Introduction to Web Sites
If you're a local business owner, you've probably been wondering what to do about the Internet. Maybe you already have a website, but it's taken more money out of your  pocket than it's put in it. You might be thinking you should get online...but you've heard it takes too much time and money.
It's tempting to ignore the issue and hope it goes away, but there are some very good reasons to get moving and here are few of them:

1. Geographic Targeting
The ability to target online users by geography,Local Business connecting to Locals

2. It's Practically Free
It's so cheap to have a website now, why wouldn't you? View our Packages

3. It's a Great Communications Tool
The Internet is the ultimate communications tool - fast and cheap.

4. To Make Conections
There are lots of business people online, including people from your local community.

5. To Serve Your Local Customers
a website is dynamic -- information can be updated at any time, plus you're not limited to 2 or 3 lines worth of information.

6. To Get Publicity
Every business needs exposure, having a website makes it easy for more people to get information about  your company. And they can get it more quickly and easily online.

7. Because Your Customers are Online
The average local user is  college educated, makes good money, and likes shopping using  information from the internet.

8. Is Your Competition Online?
whatever your business, one of your competitors is successfully using the Internet to promote  their business